Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pita Delights

I love gyros.  True statement, I feel like we are all friends now so I can let you know that, I am in love with them.  Again these were one of those things I didn’t eat growing up.  Lamb?  No way, forget the fact that I grew up in a farming community that had a large sheep influence.  Now they have come to hold a special place in my heart.  So when it was time for my weekly dinner with J last Tuesday and the question was posed what should we eat, for some odd reason my cravings were for either a gyro or red meat.  And for some reason a steak house just didn’t fit the bill, so gyro it was.  There are a few places in town to get such an item and we ended up picking one we had never been.  Off to Pita Delights we ventured.  Located off Grinstead and Bardstown sits a little building, and while the outside doesn’t look like much, the inside is cute, with deep colors and dark wood accents.  We both ordered the beef and lamb gyros which came with salads and rice.  The salads were both good, refreshing with the fresh cucumbers, bell peppers, and other vegetables.  Then came out our gyro and rice, the rice was just ehhh.  The gyro was giant, the pita delicious and warm.  I like for my gyro to be topped with tomato and onion and the cucumber to come finely chopped in the sauce, this however had chunks of cucumber, which was my only issue with the gyro itself.  The only other thing we both wished Pita Delights had was a liquor license so we could have enjoyed a nice beverage with our meal.  But as far as the gyro goes, there is little to complain about.

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