Monday, June 4, 2012

El Mundo

Let’s get one thing straight before we get started here, I was born and raised until I was 10 about 5 miles from Mexico, I know what Mexican food is supposed to taste like.  While other kids babysitters had them playing with play-doh mine had me rolling out tortillas.  So when I say that El Mundo is my favorite Mexican food in town, please do not take that lightly as some blue eyed girl thinking Taco Bell could be considered authentic, I’m down with the Mexican food. 
Frankfort Avenue’s El Mundo is always busy, ranging from two to three seating areas depending on the season.  Last Tuesday I met up with J and we sat in the downstairs patio area.  It had finally cleared up from the storms and there was a slight breeze, honestly it was perfect patio weather.  We both ordered margaritas, I personally think the best in the city, strong to boot, and had some queso.  J had the chili relleno, it’s always delicious.  I normally try and get one of the specials, this visit was no different.  The ropa vieja chimichangas with blackberry mole and a habenero sour cream seemed to be calling my name, and I am glad they did.  The mole wasn’t too sweet and the sour cream had the perfect amount of heat to it.  This particular day we went early enough that there wasn’t a wait, but that happens few and far between, most visits you can be prepared to wait (I’ve found the best way is with margarita in hand).  If you sit upstairs all of your food comes up in a dumb waiter, not everyday that happens.  Like I said, this isn’t Mexican food done in a shoddy way; this is innovative, good tasting, worth the wait food.  
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