Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Pegs Beer Lounge

When everywhere you walk into has at minimum an hour long wait, you know one of three things.  1) You have excellent taste in food 2) You should have made a reservation 3) Time to formulate a new plan.  This is how I and three others ended up at Four Pegs last night.  I had originally wanted to take my father, uncle and friend to Harvest, and then when they were full we walked to Garage Bar, that was a no go.  I had heard about Four Pegs Beer Lounge a while ago, but just have never made it there.  The concept is simple enough; chalk board with beer, chalk board with food, order from the bartender when you are ready.  I like the vibe of the place, the history involved with the building (ask about the mirror behind the bar, my uncle did, good story), but that is where my adoration for the establishment starts to waver.  The bartender was slow, and he was not at all busy, and when you have to order drinks and food from him that’s never a good thing.  We ordered beer cheese and pretzel bread, I have found myself basing my judgment of establishments such as this on their beer cheese.  It was good, a cold beer cheese, which if not done right can be a bad experience, but this was tasty and had a kick. The three of them had the Angus burgers, my father having the beer glazed one, and I had the chicken and waffle sandwich.  They all enjoyed their hamburgers, and we all thought the fries were really good.  My chicken and waffles were a huge let down.  My chicken was really dark, dry, and the waffle I believe was an Eggo, I could be completely wrong, but that’s what it looked and tasted like to me.  The whole thing was covered in the syrup and almost too sweet to eat.  I’m glad the burgers were good, because I always feel awful when I take people from out of town to get food and it turns out to be less than what the city has to offer, which is, as a general rule of thumb, pretty stellar.

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  1. Actually, the chicken and waffle sandwich is made completely from scratch (from breading the chicken to making the waffle batter and the glaze). Also, if you care to try it again, then you can ask for the glaze on the side, which is what I usually recommend to people who don't care for sweets. Sorry that your experience wasn't completely enjoyable. Hopefully, your next visit will be better.

    A Four Pegs Bartender