Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bluegrass Burgers

With last weeks meal being a little more on the expensive side, about $40, it was decided this week would be something a little more affordable.  So off to Bluegrass Burgers we went.  Again I’m going to state how much I am a sucker for places that use local ingredients, and BB does just that.  The beef and bison are all KY Grass-fed.  And while I can’t say that I necessarily believe all grass fed is the way to go, I can say that local for sure will always hold a place in my heart.

Bluegrass Burgers is located on the corner of Cannons Ln and Frankfort Ave in the Crescent Hill area of town.  While there isn’t a ton of seating there are tables inside as well as a seating area with 4 tables outside on the patio.  I wish I had brought my dog with me; they leave a water bowl outside for patrons who bring man's best friend.

I decided on the KY Grass-fed Cheese Steak, fries and a beer ($12 total).  My Cheese Steak came with onions and peppers on it and while it was a little dry I really enjoyed the bread, the meat itself didn’t have bad flavor.  The fries were quite tasty.  Hand cut, thin with just the right amount of salt. My friend, J, got the KY Grass-Fed Beef Burger with Gouda (“Gouda was a solid choice”).  The special sauce she put on it was zesty and the burger was perfectly cooked to medium, which was how she had ordered it.  There is a toppings bar which we appreciated, but wish that there had been labels on the toppings.  Overall not a bad experience.

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