Wednesday, September 21, 2011

El Rumbon

Saturday was the second annual Food Truckus Ruckus, where the food trucks all come together in one parking lot for a giant food fest.  Needless to say, you put all of the food trucks in one area where we don’t have to track them down and we are there.  I went with my roommate, both our dogs, and J, and can I just say it was a gorgeous day out.  I’m not sure what it is about food trucks that screams “hey hipsters come here” but you couldn’t look around without spotting skinny jeans, plaid shirts, beards and Ray-Bans, and I personally love that!

Anyways, we were going to each get food from a different truck, but we quickly realized that would mean standing in our own lines and not being able to catch up and chat.  After making a loop to scope out each of the menus, judge the line/wait ratio, and take in the smells we decided on El Rumbon.  El Rumbon is Louisville’s Cuban food truck, and it sounded like a fabulous idea.  So in line we jumped, after about 5 minutes of standing in line we decided it would move much faster with beer in hand. So J ran over to the beer truck and grabbed us a 2x IPA, a personal favorite of mine (we were right; it made the wait better).  After standing in line chatting for about half an hour we made it to the front.  By the time we got to order they were out of sides and desserts, but luckily I had a back up decision already made for just such an occasion. 

I ended up getting the beef quesadilla.  It was stuffed full of cheese with a tasty tortilla, but it was almost too full of cheese.  My beef seemed to be scattered through out and the vegetables were sparse.  A fork may have made it a little easier to eat, but it didn’t have bad flavor.  My roommate got the breakfast burrito, with scrambled eggs, vegetables and meat. She enjoyed the cheese, the burrito was flavorful and very fulfilling; she had to keep the second half for later.  She warns that you “prepare to be a little messy” or eat it with a fork and knife because it’s a little juicy.  J got the Mexican Torta Sandwich, she said it was good.  As a general consensus we decided it wasn’t bad, that if the truck was somewhere near us we would go again, but none of us were making a special trip to go to it.

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