Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gyro Palace- Milwaukee

If you have read any of my previous blogs you know the following things: I love local, I think the best way to experience a new city is through their food, and I don’t judge a book (or in my case a restaurant) by the cover.  My first venture out into the Milwaukee epicurean realm was Gyro Palace.  Yes I am fully aware that this will now make my fourth blog about gyros, but as I explained before I freaking love these things.  I also know what you are probably thinking.  “But HC, gyros are not quintessential ‘Milwaukee fare’ and they don’t originate in Wisconsin.”  Yup, I know.  But that’s what my stomach wanted, and I don’t argue with it, no point, it doesn’t listen at all.  This is not the best looking restaurant, tucked away in a little strip mall on the south side.  The inside just has a walk-up counter and some booths, nothing special and not all together too inviting.  I honestly didn’t mind, I was grabbing to-go on my way to work anyways.  So I ordered a gyro and took it to the arena.  Opening it at my desk I was so excited.  This was the most meat I had ever seen on a gyro, ever.  It was tasty, the tzatziki meeting all of my qualifications; creamy with just the right amount of cucumber mixed in.  There was so much to this “sandwich” that I left half of it for dinner.  Overall not a bad experience, not the best gyro I’ve tasted, but definitely the most filling.  Next time I will go some where a little more archetypical Wisconsin.
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