Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cafe Benelux- Milwaukee

Any place that has a beer book is alright by me.  My parents and I ended up at Cafe Benelux for dinner after a suggestion from some coworkers.  To drink I ordered a Bier Pallettes with 4 taster sized beers, all which were great.  As an appetizer we decided on Pork Belly Sliders (my father wanted tater tots, I over-ruled).  Served on pretzel bread with a cilantro sesame slaw and a sambal aioli they were delicious, the best part of the meal according to my father.   He eventually chose the bier battered walleye, which he said wasn’t that great, he wished the fish had been flakier.  My mother went with the kulminator, a grilled cheese with 4 cheeses, bacon, and tomatoes on 9-grain bread.  Following the waitress' advice she got the farmhouse tomato soup.  Both were great, the soup having a perfect hint of basil in it.  I fell for the basque mussels, steamed with tomatoes, chorizo, chilies and scallions.  They were fantastic, actually fan-freaking-tastic.  I used the bread to soak up the leftover jus, then I used some frites after that was gone, it was worth it.  Overall good atmosphere, good beer, really good food.

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