Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brunch at Montmartre

There is no better way to start a lazy weekend day then waiting until about 11 to be productive.  Brunch baby!  I love breakfast, I just really hate getting up for it, and therefore you can understand why I love brunch.  It’s like I am cheating on breakfast with lunch, but it’s masquerading as breakfast.  We headed to Washington DC’s Eastern Market for just such a thing on Saturday.  Under the constructional eves of scaffolding sits Montmartre.  As you step in it’s as if you are silently transported into the kitchen of a chic house in the French countryside.  Large wooden tables are scattered through out the dinning room with an open kitchen peering at you from the corner.  We quickly got a table for three and sat down to a round of bloody marys (a staple for my brunch as I am allergic to oranges).  Brunch is served on the weekends here from 10:30-3, a perfect time frame if you ask me.  The three of us ordered Eggs Benedict, two with smoked salmon, mine with prosciutto.  It was creamy, rich, and perfectly textured.  I would personally thank both the inventors of Eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce, but oddly enough there are debates on both fronts, so I will just take this moment to thank the chicken, for without her there would be no egg to make either.  Montmartre was a great way to start my week in DC.

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