Monday, November 21, 2011

Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot

First, let me take a minute to apologize for the hiatus that I have been on.  Work has been ridiculous busy to the point where eating was almost not even an option.  With that let’s dive into Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot.  There is something oh so inviting about a smoker piping out little wisps of succulent smelling smoke on the front patio of a restaurant on a dreary rainy fall day that just makes me smile.  F.A.B.D has two locations, this day we decided to go to the one in the Highlands.  On a Monday at around 1 my friend C and I were the only people in the restaurant, which was totally ok with me.  The bartender/server was quick to get us menus, drinks and take our order.  It took no time to get our appetizers or food.

As you well know by now I will eat most anything at least once and I have no problem with vegetables.  My friend C on the other hand is a self proclaimed picky eater.  So when she ordered fried green beans for her appetizer choice it made sense to me, vegetables are only made better when they come golden brown.  Honestly I was a bit disappointed in them, they tasted like they came straight out of the bag I could have bought in the grocery; C liked them for that reason.  She loved the Texas Petal Sauce that they were served with and has decided it’s her new favorite dipping sauce.  We also had an order of Spicy Cheese Balls.  They were excellent, like a jalapeno popper without the jalapeno.  We then moved on to our lunch.  For me I chose a ½ rack of ribs with green beans and potato salad as my sides.  I always love their fall off the bone ribs and the fact that they don’t come sopping in BBQ sauce so that I can put just the right amount of F.A.B.D’s homemade sauce on it on.  Everyone has their own ideal sauce to rib ratio, F.A.B.D accounts for that.  I did however have to bring my sides home, so much food!  A fault of mine is that I am a potato salad snob; I just personally think no one’s will ever be as good as my mothers.  But both the potato salad and green beans were good.  C ordered the special of the day, white meat chicken sandwich with the potato salad as her side.  She said the bun was excellent, toasted with just the right amount of butter.  The chicken she thought was a little on the dry side but was helped by the BBQ sauce.  One thing I want to make sure to mention is that if you are going to buy a soda they only come in the can and there are no free refills, the food makes up for it though.  For the price of the meal and the portions (we both took boxes home) F.A.B.D is always a good value.

Update: This location has closed, now only the original on Frankfort is open.

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