Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Irish Rover

In my mind I have this picture of where I am supposed to be on a chilly fall/winter night with good friends.  It involves a dimly lit bar, some sort of fireplace if possible, and the low hum of chatter as the patron’s converse amongst themselves.  Needless to say I stepped into just that recently in the Irish Rover.  While there is a dinning area we decided to sit in one of the booths in the bar section, a decision which I firmly stand by as it was less family and more our scene.  Being a descendant if Irish immigrants I pride myself in embracing my heritage and loving Irish food. 
My normal go to meal at any such establishment is corn beef and cabbage.  But since going to the Irish Rover was a whim decision I had actually eaten that the night before.  So I did what any good Irish girl did, I had a BLT.  Now before you judge me let me say that this was no normal BLT, it was a BBLT, Benedictine, bacon, lettuce, tomato.  With that being said, at least give me the credit for being Louisville in my choice since Benedictine was created right here in this fine city.  My sandwich was good, the extra B being a solid choice, but I did wish that the sourdough had been toasted to give a little contrast in textures. My friend got the lamb burger and said it was good, but not really too exciting.  The Irish chips were good, a version of steak fries.  The best part of our meal was the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  Sort of a spice cake with caramel sauce on it, just the right amount of sweet and a perfect size to split.  Overall I enjoyed the visit, the ambiance a little more than the food.

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