Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garage Bar Brunch

You’ve gotta love Nulu district and the eccentricity that it thrives off of.  Once an old garage (complete with two cars “crashing” into one another in the front) Garage Bar doesn’t hold back even though it’s the relatively new kid on the block.  With hams hanging from the ceiling, stacks of flour on palates through out the dining area, and a beautiful bar Garage Bar invites you in immediately.  For me and a few friends on a gorgeous fall Saturday the only natural thing to do seemed to be brunch, and Garage Bar beckoned.

Starting with Bloody Marys and a Breakfast Shandy (PBR/OJ/Ginger) seemed to kick off the morning just right.  For the first time in my life I had a breakfast “appetizer” if you will.  We ordered the Warm Bourbon & Pecan Sticky Bun.  Delicious.  Between the entire table we ended up ordering the following:

-          Shaved Country Ham with red eye mayo and toast

-          Bacon, Egg and Cheese with proof bacon, aged cheddar and a house made bialy

-          Poached Eggs & Country ham with Weisenberger grits and red eye gravy

-          The Hangtown Fry an oyster and bacon omelet with hot pepper

-          Sausage & Potato Brick Oven Pizza with egg, spinach, cream and mozzarella

No one was going to walk away from the table hungry, and if you did well that was your own stupidity.  Garage Bar is one of those places, those places I love and are becoming so popular in the Ville, which supports local farmers.  Because of that I have to say the ham is spot on amazing.  All of the dishes were well done and more then enough for us to indulge upon.  I will definitely be returning for dinner at the Garage Bar soon, probably for a hand crafted wood-fired oven pizza!

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  1. I had the sausage and potato pizza today and it was super yummy!