Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cafe Lou Lou

Once in a while you have a dinner where even if the food isn’t the greatest, you can find redeeming qualities in the experience.  That would be how I classify my dinner at Café Lou Lou.  Don’t get me wrong, by no means was my meal bad, it just wasn’t the greatest I have ever had.  Let me just state that extra bonus points go to Café Lou Lou for having half price bottles of wine on Wednesdays; score! 

J and I started out with a humus appetizer that we found creamy with the perfect amount of garlic, I thought it could use a touch more lemon, but was still tasty.  For dinner I had the Gyro Roll.  While the yogurt sauce was good, I wished there was a bit more of it, or perhaps a little less lettuce.  The meat in it was flavorful, but a little crisp for my liking.  J had the Shrimp Pesto with Tri-colored Tortellini.  She thought the saltiness of the olives and the tanginess of the tomatoes were perfect with the pesto, but had wished for more shrimp in the meal.  It was, overall, a pleasurable experience and I would definitely return on a Wednesday for a half price bottle of wine, good company, and perhaps a pizza next time.

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