Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coals Artisan Pizza

I saw someone with a piece of pizza on Friday and that started a craving.  Luckily for me my parents happened to be driving through town on their way back home from Easter week vacation in Louisiana.  Perfect reason to go out to eat (not that I really need an excuse)!  Normally when they are in town I ask what they want and take that into consideration, this time I just said, “We are going to get pizza hope you didn’t eat it yesterday.”  There are so many different pizza places and types of pizza places in town: by the slice, whole pizza, giant pizza, New York Style, Chicago style, chain, privately owned, regular, gourmet.  I decided on Coals Artisan Pizza, one I have been to a few times.
Coals is located off of Frankfort Ave in St. Matthews. It has a great ambiance to it, and there is a little space you can look through to see brick oven ablaze.  Because I went with my parents I asked them to send me their thoughts, I have to tell you, my father may be a professional, or at least he thinks he is “The water was crisp and refreshing, with just the right twist of lemon.”  We ordered the Coal Oven Wings, fired in the oven and covered in rosemary, lemon and garlic.  They were a great change from the ordinary wings you get at most places, which was good for my mother because she is not normally a wing fan not liking buffalo sauce, but she thought “the garlic butter offered a great taste.”  We ordered the Middletown pizza with fennel sausage, margarita pepperoni, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano.  The pizza, we all thought, was good could have used a bit more toppings and my dad said the crust on a few of his pieces was burnt.  Overall it had a great flavor, the sausage being a bright spot.
With so many pizzas’ to choose from and the option to create your own I am sure there is something everyone can find to their liking.  Add the full bar and wine selection and you have yourself a place that is worth giving a shot.

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