Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taco Punk/ Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen

Hooray!  Back in Louisville for a second, when I say a second I mean I leave Saturday to head to Palm Springs for business for two and a half weeks.  You know I’m trying to soak as much of the Louisville food as I can in such a short time.  My father happened to be in town on Tuesday so he and I went to dinner and a bonus dessert!  In NuLu where Toast used to be is the new Taco Punk.
Being raised on tacos and Mexican food I am always down for a good taco and I was hoping this trip would be no different.  Both my dad and I decided to get the punk platters which come with two tacos, one side, chips and salsa.  What really clenched my decision to go that way was that they let me mix my two tacos.  I chose the Barbeercoa (beef braised in Goose Island beer with peppers and onions) and the Grilled Adobo Chicken with a side of queso.  My father went for the Chorizo and Potato taco, the Yucatecan Style Fish and a side of guacamole.  We of course tried bites of everything and decided that the fish taco was our favorite.  The guacamole and queso were both good; the later having three different types of cheeses and Goose Island Beer in it (I am seeing a trend here).  The salsa’s there to chose from were quite tasty.  I was really surprised by the Pineapple Habenero salsa.  When you first taste it all you get is the sweetness of the pineapple, then all of the sudden your taste buds are like “hold up a minute, something is about to get spicy” and the habenero kicks you in the mouth, but in the most brilliant way possible. I would like to note I wasn't a big fan of the house-made tortillas, weren't the greatest I've ever had.  But with specials like duck with pumpkin and corn salsa and 7 tacos always on the menu there is a something that I am sure you will find to fit your taste.  Just don’t go in expecting to find Toast, they’ve moved down a bit.

As for our bonus dessert we hit up Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen for some cupcakes.  I had the upside down yellow cupcake with maple frosting, dad got a Snickers cupcake.  Both were delicious, rich, and great to wash down with a glass of milk.

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