Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Italy Pizza- Memphis

I know Memphis is home to BBQ and Blues, and believe me I have partaken in both since being here.  But I have yet to find my favorite, so until then let me hold off on a blog for that.  Instead let’s talk about Little Italy Pizza.  In a strip on Union next to a cigar shop sits a tiny little unassuming pizza joint.
The guys who run Little Italy were personable and chatted us up while we decided what to order.  In a small bakery style showcase sits strombolis, pizzas, and garlic knot rolls.  You can also get a whole pizza or pizza by the slice.  This is New York style pizza, thin crust, large slice, fold it up and eat it.  The sauce is tasty, not too much, and the crust has a great crunch.  I ordered a slice of pepperoni and added tomato to it.  I was hoping for the option of adding bacon as well (which is what I do at my favorite pizza joint back in the ‘Ville) but that was a no go.  The tomatoes were a really good add to my slice.  The guys I was with had Stromboli and said they were good; lot’s of cheese but could have had a bit more meat in it.  I enjoyed the pizza for sure and will have to try again before my stay in the city is up.

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