Monday, December 19, 2011


Say there is a shotgun house in Germantown, not hard to imagine considering Louisville has the largest number of shotgun houses in the country, and above the door resides a giant hammerhead shark.  Now consider that within this thin building there is what I consider one of the must stop-at destinations for foodies in the city.  Hammerheads looks like it stepped right out of an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, with its small interior, long bar and packed status.  We arrived around 7 to a room that had no open tables and 3 people in front of us.  There were two seats at the window bar so we decided to sit there.
This was not by any means my first time to Hammerheads, just the first time I decided to write about it.  On this particular evening I had a ½ rack of BBQ Lamb Ribs.  They were really good, not dry at all
with that perfect BBQ flavor.  I will say that they are small (only 4 spare ribs coming with a ½ rack, but in all fairness the waiter told me that when I ordered).  J was going to order the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, but the waiter talked her into getting it as the tacos.  She was glad he had talked her into that, she said they were great.  Something you have yet to learn about J is that she loves French Fries, probably more then any other person I know.  Normally when I am there I get a basket of fries to share, this time was no exception, and decided to get spend a little extra and get ours fried in duck fat.  The fries were on point, crispy and golden, my only issue was that every once in a while I got one I thought tasted dirty (I attribute this to the parsley).  J gives them a 9 on a 1-10 scale saying she wished there was something a little tastier to dip them in than ketchup, they were too good for that.  Hammerheads always has a nice beer selection, J having a NABC Elector Imperial Red Ale, myself having a Southern Tier 2x IPA.
The one fault I will give to Hammerheads is that they brought my ribs out a while before they brought J’s tacos or the fries, I like for everything to come out at once.  Other than that it’s always a great experience, I wouldn’t have even minded had we needed to wait for a table.  The service was great, our server always just randomly popped up, he was like a “ninja server”, and the atmosphere is always fun.

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